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Eugen Sandow – Legends of Fitness #1

Early Life

Sandow was born in 1867, in Königsberg, Prussia to a humble family. His father was a carpenter and his mother worked as a cleaning lady. Sandow’s interest in bodybuilding began at age 15 when he started taking lessons from a local strongman. A short while later, the young man had developed an impressive physique that caused him to change his name from Friedrich Wilhelm Müller (his given name) to Eugen Sandow—a name that would become synonymous with physical perfection and strength among men around the world.

In 1881 Eugen moved from Germany to London with his stepfather and started working as an apprentice for a tailor. He later joined the British Army’s Royal Engineers under the name Eugen Sandow after completing military service in 1888.

Sandow Gaining Stardom

Sandow started to become a celebrity and in 1894 he traveled to London where he competed with the famous strongman Louis Cyr, in the end, Sandow would lose the competition, but he had still managed to command an audience of more than 30,000 people!

After this show of strength, Eugen went on to become even more popular as a bodybuilder and athlete over time. He also started selling exercise equipment such as dumbbells and barbells which made him even wealthier as well.

Sandow’s manager, Florenz Ziegfeld, arranged a publicity stunt where they showed Sandow as a piece of classical sculpture come to life. Dressed in a toga and posed as a statue, he stood still for an hour while people were allowed to touch him and take his picture. They also had him perform feats of strength such as lifting weights or gymnastics.

The event was held at the Columbia Theater in New York City on May 31st 1904. The crowd included many celebrities who came out to see Sandow lift weights (he broke two world records). The show was a success with more than 2200 paying customers that night.

Sandow also became known for his spectacular performances at various music halls around England.

Sandow was not only known for his physique, but also for his spectacular performances at various music halls around England. He would often perform feats of strength and perform acrobatics while hanging from the rafters. He would then challenge members of the audience to lift heavier weights than him in order to prove that they were stronger than him. This is how Sandow became famous for his strength and muscularity.

Eugen Sandow was a pioneer in bodybuilding, and he inspired many people with his life story. He started out as Friedrich Wilhelm Muller, but became famous all over the world under the name “Eugen”, where his name became synonymous with physical culture. His popularity caught up with him and he eventually retreated from public life. However, it was too late for him to re-emerge and become relevant again because by then there were many other strongmen who could do things better than him.

Sandow’s workout

If you’re interested in Sandow’s workout routine and want to see how far bodybuilding has come, try out the following plan and let us know what you thought!

We gave his workout a rating of 4/5 dumbbells mostly due to the novelty factor, although I have done the super high rep dumbbell curls and the high-rep chest flys a few times since having tried it. If you are new to Vibe Fitness and just reading for the first time, feel free to check out our memberships for a place to try out this workout and any others! Otherwise thank you for reading!


Sandow Workout

Dumbbell Curl150 Each
Reverse Barbell Curl125
Horizontal Biceps Curl110 Each
Standing Chest Fly150
Alternating Shoulder Press115 Each
Alternating Front Raise110
Wrist Flexors1Failure
Wrist Rotations1Failure
Lunge Punch110 Each
Push Ups13
Push Up with Resistance12
Full Sit Up13
Side Bends115 Each

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