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Unleash The Power of Your Mind

We know that all lasting results start from within. Setting goals, being positive, taking action and staying focused are all very important. However HEALTHY THINKING habits create healthy behaviours and your behaviour determines your success.

Vibe is excited to welcome Natasha to the team. Her passion is helping people create a winning mindset to achieve their health & fitness goals. Natasha has a deep understanding of the psychology of health and fitness behaviour, along with years of invaluable experience working in various roles in the mental health, addiction and trauma sector. She brings with her passion, education and experience, along with a number of different techniques and strategies to help free you from the trap within your mind!

Keep an eye out for the MIND-BODY Bootcamp we’ll be launching soon which includes her 6 week Unleash The Power Of  Your Mind program. Here’s some information from Natasha, explaining what she does and how she can help you…

“There is a power within you that you don’t even know about! Not many people know about it but the ones that do, EXCEL at whatever they choose to focus on.

Once you know about this power, you have so much more control in your life. You start to understand yourself better and you are able to create the life you want! It isn’t anything mystical or magical, it is simply the POWER OF YOUR MIND. It amazes me that we are not taught this at school. Your mind can be your worst enemy or you’re GREATEST ALLY! And the best part, is that you have the POWER to train it, to shape it and to help it move in the right direction.

So why isn’t everyone training, shaping and guiding their minds? Well, a lot of people are, and because they are, they are KICKING GOALS! So do it. Start now. Make that decision that you are going to discover the power of your mind and you are going to achieve everything you have ever wanted! Yes it is possible, yes it will take dedication and action, but you are ready. You know deep down that this is what you want! … And if you want some guidance and help along the way. Come and see me! This is what I do. I work with you to help you understand yourself, understand the human mind, understand how to get the most out of your mind and help you PLAN and take ACTION to CREATING a better life for you! How do I do this? I assess you, I explain to you what I have assessed, I provide you with the training you need, I support you, I encourage you, I tell you the truth, I push you into your growth zone, I am there when you need me and I celebrate your wins with you!

If there is one thing to take away it is this – “I can be in control of my mind, body and spirit.” Because you can, because you are. Even if you do not know it yet, you are actually in control already. Your mind is just on autopilot. The thing is, you ARE the pilot. Let me teach you how to FLY again!!”

14407915_10154059449397017_1480934679_oNatasha Reddy
Bachelor of Psychological Science
Certified Hypnotherapist