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Closeup image of a woman sitting at gym with dumbbells, shaker and weight

Tips for getting the most out of your gym membership

Let’s get physical

Finding the time and motivation to hit the gym can be difficult for even the most dedicated gym junkie. It’s easy to put off your gym routine after a busy day at work, just so you can catch up on whatever show is trending on Netflix. Staying healthy shouldn’t feel like a chore, so we’ve put together some great ways to help you get off the couch and start making the gym your second home.

Find what works best for you

Maybe you had a bad experience with the weights, or perhaps you were put off from a rigorous training class a friend suggested. That doesn’t mean you don’t have other options. Our gyms have a wide range of services and equipment for all levels of fitness. Not sure where to start? Just ask any of our friendly, knowledgeable staff who are more than happy to point you in the right direction. Finding a routine that not only works well for your body but also provides a level of satisfaction is key to a successful workout.

Time matters too

When it comes to hitting the gym try to find which time of the day best matches your schedule and preferences. Perhaps you feel more comfortable training during the evening after work, or perhaps an early morning workout routine to start your day works best for you. We know you have a lot going on in life, so we’re open 24 hours a day giving you the flexibility to enjoy your workout when it best suits you.

Attractive young sportswoman sitting and using fitness tracker and smartphone on mat in gym

Finding the time to look after your body can sometimes be hard, but certainly not impossible.

The power of partnering up

Some people feel more confident coming to the gym in pairs, or even groups, so why not invite a friend or family member to join you? Use your partner as a pillar of support and you can help keep each other in check. Try to make your visits on a regular schedule as planning ahead will also give you incentive and help keep you committed.

Challenge yourself

A great way to keep yourself motivated is to set yourself goals and targets, then once you achieve them reassess and then set new ones. Those few extra sets are often the ones that matter most! Always make sure you’re aiming for achievable targets and never do anything that makes you feel unsafe. Our personal trainers can help you with your training plans and help you successfully reach your workout goals.

 Spice it up

Changing up your routine is a great way to get a balanced workout and liven up your workout. Who knows, you might even find a new favourite! This not only prevents your gym sessions from getting stale and boring, but also benefits your health by ensuring that you work on different areas of your body. If you’re looking for something different you could even give one of our group training sessions a whirl.

Portrait of a handsome man workout on a fitness machine at gym

Half the battle is fought in your mind. Embrace new challenges and focus on the path ahead.

Most importantly, have fun

Going to the gym doesn’t have to be something you dread. If you come with the right frame of mind, a solid workout plan and clear goals – working out can actually be fun. Our gym has an extremely relaxed atmosphere full of friendly staff and fellow minded gym goers who know the importance of feeling comfortable at the gym. At Vibe Fitness we work hard to offer a safe, secure and welcoming environment where everyone is encouraged to achieve their best.



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