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The ‘WHY’ Behind Your Goals

You’ve bought new gym shoes, got comfy workout clothes and joined an awesome 24/7 gym. You think, “I’ve got this!” This time is going to be the game changer, this time I am going to smash my goals! NO EXCUSES. You come regularly for 2 weeks and then all of a sudden, almost out of nowhere you can’t find the time or lack motivation to go. What the %$# happened!??

Does this sound familiar at all?

We see this happen all the time! I’m not trying to sugar coat this here, a number of people join the gym and never use their membership.. NEVER! So WHY? Where does all that motivation go? What happened to the positive intentions? What changed from two weeks earlier. I’ll tell you something. Most people that join the gym and come infrequently (or not at all) want to either lose weight or ‘bulk up.’ Not everyone but most people. The reality is, both of these things take time to achieve. You may start to feel more energised after two weeks but unless you make drastic changes to your lifestyle in that time, the chance of seeing major physical changes is very slim. So it begs me to ask you the question.. what is your goal? As I mentioned above, weight loss and muscle gain are two common ones but lets start to dig a little deeper here. Now you can relate this to any goal but seeing as we are a gym lets focus on fitness goals and more specifically, let’s use weight loss as an example.

So… Your goal is to lose weight.

Ok now let me ask you – “why do you want to lose weight?”
You’re answer may be something like – “so I feel better about myself.”
Great! Now let me ask you this – “what would change in your life if you felt better about yourself?You’re answer may be something like – “I would have increased self esteem & confidence to go out and do things I’ve always wanted to do but felt like my weight/body image has held me back”
(Stay with me here..)
Ok now let me ask you – “if you had extra self confidence and could go out and do new things, how would that make you feel?”
You’re answer may be something like – “happy” “strong” “excited” “alive” “sense of achievement”
Ok now let me ask you – if you had all of those above feelings eg happiness, confidence, what kind of impact would that have on your life?
You’re answer may be something like – “A huge impact” (because it would)

Now obviously everyone’s answers will be a bit different but the point I am making here is that behind every goal there is ALWAYS a bigger reason as to WHY you want to achieve it. Your job is to ask yourself the questions. Weight loss is a number on the scales; there is no emotional attachment to a number. The emotional attachment comes from what the weight loss will give you. The feelings, the emotions, the opportunities.. that will be your game changer.

As I said previously, the weight loss and muscle gain take time so if that is all you are focusing your attention on then of course you are going to lose motivation after two weeks. Find out why you really want to achieve it. Dig deeper, ask yourself the questions, sometimes the answers can be surprisingly confronting but trust me, once you find it you have something to hold onto. Every time you lack motivation, every time you start making excuses, every time you can’t find time, every time you think it’s not working, stop and remind yourself WHY you are doing it. Tap into those positive feelings you will get, tap into those uplifting emotions and of course always remember that you are worthy and capable of achieving it.

It all starts with you.