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Personal Training Options

Personal training was never designed to be a casual thing. Personal training is a commitment that you and your trainer make to get you results. Our trainers won’t yell and shout at you but they will find out what motivates you and use it to push you beyond your limits. You will be a fitter and stronger version of you in no time!

Personal Training Special

Have you wanted to try personal training but not sure where to start? Here’s your answer. Our friendly trainers will discuss your goals, your current level of fitness and any injures or concerns you may have and then take you through 3 sessions. We promise they won’t yell at you like you may have seen on TV! After the 3 sessions you can choose to continue by purchasing packs or pay by direct debit.

3 x 30 mins = $99

Personal Training Packs

You have a goal and you are going to achieve it! Workout with your trainer by your side, receive ongoing support, training programs, fitness assessments, food coaching and more. This is your tool to success!

4 pack:
4 x 30 min sessions = $160
4 x 45 min sessions = $200
4 x 60 min sessions = $240

8 pack: (8% discount)

12 pack: (12% discount)

All sessions must be used within 6 months

Personal Training Direct Debit

You join a gym, go for one week, pay for six months then quit. If this sounds familiar then this is the option for you. This is our ultimate care package! Regular personal training sessions, ongoing guidance and support. Fitness assessments to make sure you’re on track to reach your goals, exercise programs designed to map out your steps to success, food coaching, healthy recipes and more!

1 x session per week:
30 min session = $40
45 min session = $50
60 min session = $60

2 x sessions per week: (save 15%)

Payments by direct debit. Minimum 8 week term

“The equipment is absolutely fantastic, it’s a very clean and relaxed environment plus everybody knows everybody and always willing to lend a hand”

– Luke