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5 Tips to help you stay motivated this winter


We’ve all heard that “summer bodies are made in winter” but still, sometimes that isn’t motivation enough to get us out of bed and working out on those frosty cold mornings. Here are some other tips to help you stay motivated.. hopefully at least one or two will resonate with you!

1. Write down your WHY.
Sometimes it’s not good enough to just think about it, sometimes you need to go that little extra to create the mind, body connection. You would have been told sometime throughout your life that if you write down your goals you have a better chance of achieving them, well it’s true! We recommend not just writing down your goal of losing 10kg but actually digging deeper, asking yourself questions and figuring out why this goal is important to you. By doing this you will find the emotional reason why you want to achieve it, the real driver behind your goal. There is a much higher chance you will get out of bed to achieve that then just chasing a number on the scales.

2. Health comes first. There’s no denying that we live in a society driven by aesthetics. Often there is an association between looking good and working out. That is fine but always remember that there are SO many health benefits associated with working out and studies have proven this time and time again. Exercise can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety, stress etc. There are even studies being done now suggesting exercise can reduce the risk of some cancers! So just because you’re generally wearing more clothes and showing less skin in winter doesn’t mean its time to stop exercising and start eating junk food. Every workout your do might not shift the number on the scales but it is improving your health.

3. Crank the tunes. Everyones taste in music is different therefore what the gym is playing might not be your style. Spend a bit of time putting a playlist on your phone that you will look forward to listening to. Make sure it’s something that will energise and motivate you to work that little bit harder. Parents of babies and toddlers, think of this as time you can listen to something other than the wiggles or the wheels on the bus.

4. Do it indoors. Lets be honest, going for a run in the pouring rain isn’t many peoples idea of fun. If you love exercising outdoors but find the weather is cramping your style, why not look into a visit pass at your local gym? Most gyms offer this as an affordable alternative for people who just want to use the facilities occasionally. The benefit of this is that you’re only paying when you use the gym.

5. Get a workout buddy. This can be a friend or a trainer, it just has to be someone you can be accountable to. Although we don’t usually suggest using a negative as motivation in this case it can work in your favour.. No one likes the feeling of letting someone else down so strap on those laces and get moving! You will feel wonderful for it after. Plus it’s always fun training with a friend. Find the right trainer for you and it will be hard work but also enjoyable.